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[miniatura035] Humeka - Temperate Climate EP

Humeka (LesIzmo:r, Yuki Yaki, Rodoid) develops a thematic EP, going through the passing of the seasons, carrying along different minimal interpretations and emphasizing his unique experimental style. To enhance the spirit of this outstanding EP we appealed to luxury remixes by: Christian Walt, cofounder of legendary Interdisco netlabel; Keinzweiter, creator of spontanMusik; Tilman, who runs the impressive Klamauk label; choenyi (Stereo-Type, Random Access, Kreislauf, Miniatura), one of the greatest exponents of netlabels scene; Sven Laux (Tisch, Insectorama, Tropic, Meerestief, MV, Archipel, Miniatura, Mischievous), famous character from underground minimal; and finally, our friend Grifin`(Mischievous, Minibar, Wreckless, Salon), cofounder of Silicate netlabel, whose EP will come next month in Miniatura net! Uh-làla!! Watch out!!!


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